The Mind Asylum - Short single D2 map (Boom compatible)

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The Mind Asylum - Short single D2 map (Boom compatible)

Post by RaZZoR »

My first map from scratch. It is small area with different thematics and gradually opening. I started building this as my "imagination training", because i just couldn't free my mind from some mantinels. So i just let my mind do stuff. When it started to resemble something playable, i focused to pickups and enemies, created some traps, switches, etc.

Download (updated, tweaked and fixed some issues at 19.5.2023 23:50, Boom compatible)

IWAD - Doom 2
Tested on GZDOOM, DSDA
Replace Map01
Mouselook: optional
Crouch, jump: unnecessary
Difficulty not implemented, UV it is


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