Autosave does not respect user settings!

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Autosave does not respect user settings!

Post by yum13241 »

Expected behavior: Autosave settings are respected.

Actual behavior: They aren't.

What I mean is:

1. The ZScript version of Autosave does not care for disableautosave.
2. If you have an existing save, the name gets overridden.

Corruption Cards is the perfect example.
1. Set disableautosave to 2.
2. Start a new game, and pick a card.
3. Name the save. "Bug test" is a good choice.
4. Beat a map. MAP01 of Doom II is a good choice.
5. Pick a new card.
6. The autosave got overridden. It's now called Autosave blah....

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