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Re: Music for Dooming

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When I was a teenager I was really into Rammstein and I found their music very suitable for Doom, I still like them but I like a lot of other bands now too. Now I prefer to listen to the music of the wad. If I want different music I'll go with orchestral style music, dark ambient. Sometimes I like to listen to my usual style of music, which is classic rock, metal and industrial among a lot of others, but I prefer instrumental music over songs with vocals when playing. I find vocals and overly melodic music can be distracting sometimes, it's good to have something more background-soundy. A lot of people didn't like the soundtrack to Doom 64 because it wasn't hard-rock/metal stuff, but I found the dark ambient style helped me focus on the game better and consider it perfect for the levels of the game. Sometimes I play with PSX and D64 soundtrack mods.

Another example would be my choice when playing another favorite game of mine, Fallout. I'm one of the few fans that doesn't listen to the radio that often. It's not that I don't like the music on the radio, I love it. But when I'm doing quests or battling I prefer the subtle default music and often only use the radio when doing something kind of menial like crafting and traveling familiar routes.
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Re: Music for Dooming

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Xim wrote: Mon Apr 10, 2023 10:16 pm {Insert fascinating music theorem here}
Didn't expect such a detailed response. I feel you - I'm of the age where Rammstein came out when I was a teen, and I admit I loved it (partly because I can speak some German). And I still do - I am admittedly guilty of blasting "Du Hast" while I'm working on code or graphics or something, alongside other tracks from that bygone age.

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