Payback {Modern human/monster Replacer}

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Re: Payback {Modern human/monster Replacer}

Post by openroadracer »

LossForWords wrote: Sat Jun 24, 2023 1:00 pmI don't see what the problem is with clip/pistol drops, frankly.

Keep it 50/50, and if someone has a problem, they can go in and change it manually.
The problem is compatibility with other gameplay mods, like Trailblazer which has crafting materials sometimes replace ammo, or Hearts of Demons: ARACHNOTRON which outright crashes if you end up accidentally switching to the pistol after picking one up.
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Re: Payback {Modern human/monster Replacer}

Post by LossForWords »

First one is not a compatibility issue, the second one could be fixed by asking the weapons mod creator (Or use it as a learning opportunity.).

There are a handful of campaigns that strip you of your weapons and make you pick up your pistol, it's a valid complaint.

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