ExKalibered Doom

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ExKalibered Doom

Post by kalensar »

DOWNLOAD: https://www.moddb.com/mods/kals-duke3d- ... bered-doom


I'm surprised I never shared this over here, but better late than never. This was my last personal project I threw together. Basically its a conglomeration of a lot of my personal code, ideas, and modifications combined into a coherent package that presents a fun alterative to people like me who want a faster game play style, but also want a semi-vanilla feel. So here is ExKalibered Doom.

Special Notes:

When throwing the grenade, the weapon pulled back up will not be the previous weapon because the Grenade code is a homebrew I cooked up that uses no ACS or ZScript to do a weapon check. The Weapon Priority is set to PISTOL(or SSG if you have one) for gameplay purposes. Weapons fast cycle so this makes it easy to get back to your weapon you use or want.
Weapons are beefy, but so are the Shotgunners as in think Halo Elite annoying for bullet sponging, but can still be killed very fast due to the player weapon power.
Many weapon drops are completely random on enemies, but conducive to logic. You can get the SSG on Doom 1 wad due to this mechanic. The reason for the random drop is that there are 3 types of bullet ammo, and only 1 shotgun ammo.
The Main pk3 has its own Blood-Gore mod, but is friendly to Nashgore still.

Main info.
Contents include:
1. ExKalibured Doom.pk3: Main gameplay mod.
2. LW30s DHTP-ExKalibured.wad : Heavily modified and size reduced Doom 1&2 Texture pack.
3. Zools Halo-Shield-Fixed : Bug fixed version of the best standalone Halo shield mod.
4. Steve's Flashlight: Its my favorite flashlight.
5. Doom AI Amplifier: Adds even more Enemy goodness for how they act.

GamePlay info:

Exkalibured Doom is first and foremost a combat gameplay mod and not meant to be graphical block buster. The bread and butter is in the tuned combat mechanics
orchestrated and tasted to MY tastes. This may or may not appeal to all players.

Core gameplay goals and features:
1. Fast pace Combat.
2. Enemies with breakable armor mechanic akin to Halo 3 combat. This applies mainly to Shotgunners and Chaingunners whos Armor also Regenerates if NOT broken
THe Broke Armor spawns a Zombie man to signify the armor is broken.
3. Better Guns: Shot is full auto but not machine gun fast; 2 rifles, 3 pistols, all 3 bullet guns pair with pistols.
4. FUN.
5. G-Button Grenade that is unique in code--- NO ACS.
6. More FUN. But seriously. I freaking love this mod.

Basically this was my attempt at tying many of my various personal gun and monster code and combat ideas into one mod. Enjoy.

Ammo Types:

Civilian Rounds: Used by 1 gun, the UAC M16--- max 200, max backpack 400
AGM Military Rounds: Used by Colt 45 and AGM Rifle-- Max 100, max Backpack 200
AGM Navy Rounds: used by AGM Navy Revolver, AGM Security Pistol, Minigun. max 200, max backpack 400
Plasma Rounds-- Vanilla amount
Rockets-- Vanilla amount

ALL GUNS ALTFIRE IS PUNCH except Minigun, Flamethrower, and AngleGrinder. Punch is active when berserk is found on all guns. Duke Nukem 3D adopted mechanic.
THERE ARE NO ZOOM on any weapon ala Vanilla homage and safe to use vanilla autoaim!
All bullet weapons have tracers and so do Zombie enemies too. Tracers deal zero damage and are just there for show.

Player.WeaponSlot 1, Fist,Flamer,chainsaw
Player.WeaponSlot 2, revolver,Colt45,Pistol
Player.WeaponSlot 3, Shotty,SSG1
Player.WeaponSlot 4, AGMrifle,M16
Player.WeaponSlot 5, chaingun1
Player.WeaponSlot 6, RocketLauncher
Player.WeaponSlot 7, PlasmaRifle1
Player.WeaponSlot 8, BFG-Big Freeze Gun

AGM Security Pistol--- No magazine ammo shown. (blame Duke). Fires fast.
Colt 45-- Hits hard -- No magazine shown but still reloads-- Blame Duke
Revolver-- Hits extremely hard( can gib zombies). reloads one bullet at a time and can be interrupted to fire mid reload cycle. 6shot mag.
UAC M16-- Good damage but high fire rate, accurate and has a sole ammo type not shared. 35 round mag.
UAC Rifle-- High Damage, accurate, Speedy fire rate. Read ammo type above. 60 round mag.
Minigun--- Realistic fire rate!!! so be easy on the trigger finger. no reload needed, for better or worse.
Plasmarifle-- vanilla but pretty. Fire Damage(yup, burn deaths!!)
BFG-- Big Freeze Gun 9000. Hits as hard and just like classic BFG, but Freeze enemies + Shatter.
Flamer--- An infinite ammo flamethrower. Balanced out by the fact it can hurt YOU too. Be careful.
Chainsaw--- Angle grinder, but yeah. Hits hard and causes bloody messes on anything that dies to it. +Extreme Death.
RocketLauncher--- Nothing to say here. Performs its job to vanilla standards which is good enough.

All Zombies will back away from you if you get too close.

Zombieman--- moves faster than vanilla .
Shotgunner--- Moves very fast. They will surprise you quite often. Is a Combat Skocktrooper who turns into a Zombieman on death simulating broken armor
Chaingunner--- Awesome looking dude! performs at what he does best. Same mechanic as shotgunner but uses a chaingun
IMP--- D64 Imp that moves a tiny bit faster than vanilla
Pinky--- D64 Pinky
Hell Knight and Baron are special.
Pain Elemental--- Very fresh coat of pain....t. See Credits. Performs Vanilla
Lost Soul--- Performs vanilla.
Archie--- Looks excellent-- Complete combat overhaul based on Doom4 summoner tactics.
Revenant--- D64ifier Revenant
Fatso-- D64- Vanilla performance.
Arachnotron--- D64 Vanilla Performance
CacoDemon-- vanilla because reasons.
CyberDemon-- Fresh coat of CHANGE-- Super Demon upgraded in code to be more deadly.
SpiderMasterMind-- D4V Spidermom -vanilla performance

The real bread and butter--- CREDITS!!!

2.Liquid Texture Pack 5.0-- for them awesome splashes
3.Cryonaut--- Original Contribution to Brutal FreeDoom GZD For all the pretty fireballs and plasma!!!
4.REALM667--- SuperDemon, UAC Battle Rifle, EMS Rifle, UAC Plasmatic Rifle, Colt SA, SeekerBazooka, Glock21, XMShotgun,
Daggerfall Skeleton,
5.Cryonaut--- YAFT: Yet Another Flame Thrower contribution! AKA Flamer
Decorate: Brett-Bot The Cryonaut
GLDefs: Xim
Sounds: Id Software, FreeRadical, Croteam
Sprites: Jimmy Beaubien, The Innocent Crew, Id Software
6.Raven Software--- Heretic and Hexen decorations, liquid textures, sounds. Some funny ones. Just enjoy the ode to comedy.
7. Rachel-- ZDoom Forum for her liquid texture code that looks amazing.
8. RWMM Reloading System--- Some art and sounds from the downloaded pack. ZDoom Forum.
9. FREEDOOM 4x Neural Upscale Pack--- For all the up to date monsters beauty
10. Weapons of Saturn-- Reload animations for Pistol and UAC Rifle.
11. Zandronum for GLDEF Doomdefs.
12. BLASPHEMER PROJECT: Sky boxes--- Those things are awesome. Blasphemer is the FREEDOOM equivalent for Heretic.
Intermission Break...Inhale.
Kalensar--- 1.Better Blood for GZD and Zandronum at ZDoom-- gore mod base and alt death states
2. Brutal FreeDoom GZD main compiler
3. DBMB- Doom But More Build-- Main compiler and main base for this mod
4. Code Zleek Doom-- Full Author, and used heavily for Monster and Gun code. Gun Tracers
5. Complete overhaul on everything basically.
6. All Decorate code deviation from originals, original code for project, art modification, and sound placements
in this project.
13. LW30-DHTP Texture Pack--- Edited by Kalensar to work on ZDoom Family and PrBoom. Massive reduction in size.
14. D4VC-- some monsters and color palette
15. Doom 64 for some monsters.
16. Retrofied Sounds by Cryonaut.

All material used in this project was sourced from open to use material, donated material, or used for non-commercial purposes.

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