Unable to Patch Select Group of Graphics/Textures

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Unable to Patch Select Group of Graphics/Textures

Post by swampfliez »

Despite my best efforts to succeed, I have been unable to successfully patch the following Doom 2 graphics with an upscaled counterpart (I’ve had success with all other graphics and textures):

Doom 2 Expansion Menu:
m_epi1.png (Hell on Earth)
m_epi2.png (No Rest for the Wicked)
m_epi3.png (Master Levels)

WolfensteinSS guard frames:
SSWVA1.png, SSWVA2.png… etc. (all 50 frames)

I have searched the forums, examined all the .pk3’s and even tried rooting through the source code. My lump filtering structure isn’t the problem because I’ve had success with every other texture. These just won’t patch. Any help is appreciated.
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Re: Unable to Patch Select Group of Graphics/Textures

Post by Rachael »

Please mind what forum you use to post requests in. The Graphics/Audio forum is for in-progress or finished works only, not requests. This is explicitly stated in red letters above the forum description and in the rules header. Thank you.

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