MorphActor flag?

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MorphActor flag?

Post by kevansevans »

I'm in a situation where I need to rapidly swap monsters around, but the swaps are only mild differences. IE I wanted to replace a zombieman with a shotgun attack temporarily, and do it without replacing the actor out right. Best solution I found for this is to call A_Morph on the actor and pass through a new actor with a slightly modified attack. This works a treat and causes no problems, however code wise, the replacing actor needs to inherit from morphed monster. In order for me to make slightly modified zombiemen, I need to copy the whole zombieman class into my mod and have that inherit from morphed monster. Making this check be a simple flag should allow me to more easily create morphed enemies that inherit without having to copy over whole definitions.
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Re: MorphActor flag?

Post by ZzZombo »

This issue is IIRC that the morph data and behavior is held by the monster itself, so this special class is used to keep it. I wonder why can't it be put into a separate thinker though. However, I also have code that sort of replicates morph code in ZScript, but the primary issue with it is that replacing all references to the morphed/morphee across all other object isn't robust. It may skip references that need to be fixed up and change those that are better left be as is.

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