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Re: DOOM: Comic Like Remake

Post by Ramirov »

Hey MakeRov, i come from your youtube video, i asked you to try a reshade mod that mimics the comic style, but youtube shadowbanned now and every comment i made is instantly deleted.

The mod is ComicDewm, you can find it in the Doom moddb page. Sorry for doing self promotion but i'd like to see both mods mixed up.

And to add my two cents (don't have cents):

-About the voice and voicelines:
I think there should be 2 ways to do it, having automatic grunts and sounds of pain, moans and screams, like classic Doom, but with a button assigned to random voicelines.
or everything automatic.

The voice should be a little heavier and worn, not necessarily deep like kratos (boi). like the guy has been screaming a lot lately for the level of madness of the situation. That said, judging by your voice recording, there's a possibility to do something like this, but would hurt your voice a bit trying, you could do some outsourcing.

EDIT: Take a look at this brutal doom addon: ... ry-edition
That kind of voice i was saying, the author contacted LandyRS to do a few more voices.

Zombies: i like the idea of non hitscan enemies, but i think the projectiles are a bit slow for firearms. About tracers itself, i like the red tone that match with the fire effects in doom, but instead of using smoke behind the red glow, wouln't be better to make a large trace? don't know, i suck at doom modding.
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Re: DOOM: Comic Like Remake

Post by Kaution »

There are recent video-updates:

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