Shamino--Bloody Heretic

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Shamino--Bloody Heretic

Post by kalensar »

Zdoom Forum is seeing the initial release of this first. This part is my opening commentary before I paste the main readme info.


This project is aimed at being a mostly "proper" Brutal Heretic idea rather than anything deal with RPG mechanics and stuff. Its meant to be bloody, fun, bloody fun, and easy to pick up and play with a more than a few visual upgrades pooled from the best of the best resources, and my compiling experience to hone it together. That said, it features some minor changes inspired and adapted from its forefather Bitter Heretic like making the Tome of Power an actual weapon; the Gold Wand way more Melee capable as from Bitter Heretic, and a few things pulled from Blasphemer Project as well like Player Sprite for Shamino rather than a Default Corvus. Gore is supplied by Nashgore VE because it is simply the best of the best, and more capable than my own gore system. So without further ado I present Shamino Bloody Heretic, family of Bitter Heretic and direct descend of DOZVX.

DOWNLOAD ... share_link

MAIN INFO via the READMe(Updated from OG ReadMe to include all proper credits used)


Advanced engine needed : GZDOOM or LZDoom
Primary purpose : Single player

Title : Shamino-- Bloody Heretic

Author : Kalensar

Misc. Author Info : Rabid Editor, and mod maker

Description : Monsters and Weapons pack


This is Built to be a Mostly Proper "Brutal Heretic" that has no RPG elements, and is close to the standard Heretic experience.
To that end it is better animated with some of the best resources available, includes a Sword and Shield starter class,
and is built to be very easy to pickup and play.

Major Differences:

--- Tome of Power is now a Weapon and the Tome of Power Spawn is replaced with a better Armor.

--- Time Bombs are now grenades set on Slot 5

--- Layered Armor System: Adopted from DOZVX-- You carry multuple armors! When one drains it is replaced with one in stock
and can be carried between levels. Equips automatically when the current armor is drained
And the next strongest armor replaces the depleted one. The Holy Armor is not carried and replaces
the Current one because it is the strongest armor type.
Chainmail gives 100 value and 50% protection
FullPlate gives 200 value and 75% protection
Holy Armor gives 400 Value and 99% protection.

--- All weapons xcept start Sword+Shield of Templar class have Alt-fire

--- 5 Weapons run off the same Ammo pool aka White Mana Crystal.
Those weapons are: Gold Wand, Gauntlets alt-fire, Trident main-fire, Tome of Power both fires, Blue Wand both Fires.
So when you notice you get crap loads of Crystal Ammo, this is why and each weapon drains at different rates with Gold Wand as lowest rate.


1. Gold Wand: Starter Weapon of Sorceror; Altfire changes to Staff end and on staff end main fire switches to crystal end.
Each switch also counts as a melee attacl, and Reload Button can bring up a Block State that can be held to Reflect
projectiles and lower damage taken. Taken from Bitter Heretic wholesale except all animations are faster. Works the same as
Bitter Heretic version. Missile can hurt ghosts but the melee cannot.

2. Sword and Shield: Shield is reflective and can be aimed. No Altfire, sword hits hard. Worthless on Ghosts

3. Crossbow: Mainfire shoots classic attack and altfire shoots a Piercing/Rail lighting bolt. Both Attacks only cost on Bolt Ammo.
Lightning Bolt is Worthless on Ghosts, but Mainfire can hurt them.

4. Magic Bow: Main fire shoots a Fire Arrow and Alt-fire shoots a freezing arrow. Both use 1 arrow ammo. Both types are worthless on Ghosts.

5. Blue Wand; Main fire shoots a Gold Puff which can hurt Ghosts. Alt-fire does the classic Claw special AOE attack at 5 crystlas per shot. Mainfire costs 1.
Both attacks good on ghosts

6. Hammer: Worthless on Ghosts, mainfire is a melee swing that uses no ammo. Altfire throws an exploding hammer at 1 Red Mana cost.

7. TRident. Mainfire shoots Snake projectiles at 4 crystals per volley. Altfire is a zero cost melee attack.

8. Grenade: Mainfire is hold and release for throw and extra bounce. Alt-fire is impact mode with no bounce. Replaces TIme Bomb Spawn.

9. BFB/Tome of Power: main fire shoots a Piercing short range Fire spell at 1 crystal cast and good casting speed.
Alt fire shoots a Blizzard attack at 21 crystals per salvo and is meant as a giant attack.

10. Gauntlets: Mainfire is free cost punching. Altfire is classic Red Wave attack that drains health from monsters and costs Crystal ammo to use.


All items are vanilla except Armors as noted above.

Monsters: Mellow Heretic + Vampire.

Modified but mainly Vanilla Heretic style plus extra animations for alt-deaths. Are way more aggressive than Vanilla
and are appropriate for a Bloody Heretic fight. One twist Kept at e3m8 as an Homage to Mod roots. If this wants changed please let me know!
Otherwise its staying.


Special Thanks : Medieval Doom @ zdoom forum by Lagi
And Bitter Heretic by Lagi, and Mellow Heretic

BLASPHEMER PROJECT for Sprites, Font and so much thanks I feel like giddy child again!

Realm667 repository for: Vampire Monster, Crimson Disciple, Magic Bow, Frag Grenades,
Heaven Guard sounds, Hornet, Cheogh

Conan The Barbarian: Warrior of Doom(Beta 8)
Postby xenoxols at Zdoom forum For Shield sprite and Skull Sword sprites and Greatsword.

Castlevania Simon's Destiny by Batandy
Menu Sounds.

Heretic and Hexen for multiple sounds and sprites

DOZVX Doomed Over Zelda by Kalensar for Code. ( and a lot of residual material if you poke your eyes inside.)

CodeFX-- by Cryonaut and adapted to Heretic as best as could be achieved. Thank you for the permission bro!!!

Nashgore VE-- Simply because its the best!

Tilt++-- Fits the theme


* What is included *

New levels : No
Sounds : Yes
Music : No
Graphics : Yes
Dehacked/BEX Patch : No
Demos : No
Other files required : Heretic or Blasphemer.

* Play Information *

Game : Heretic or Blasphemer
Single Player : Designed for

Other game styles : None
Difficulty Settings : vanilla
Tested : GZDoom

* Construction *

Base : Medieval Doom, Bitter heretic, Blasphemer
Build Time : On going since April 20th 2021
Editor(s) used : GZDoom, GIMP, Notepad, Slade
Known Bugs : Green fire from Fireball explosions may look unusual but is only a minor graphic issue that does not affect gameplay.
This is caused by CodeFX and is a complex issue that has not been resolved since CodeFX does not use
Heretic color Palette as its base for effects modification.

* Copyright / Permissions *

The Majority of this project spawns from Medieval Doom and Realm667.
All edits of code that variate from their original forms are all from me, Kalensar
Lagi Gives express permisions to use his material! Which is majority base of this project.
Folder is wide open to use on any projects! If questions are needed just ask.
Castlevania(Sounds for Menu) material Sourced from Simon's Destiny.

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