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DOWNLOAD https://www.moddb.com/mods/kals-duke3d- ... 4v-rezdoom

Just load with wad with any Doom1,D2,Final Doom or FreeDoom IWAD. Friendly with texture and environment mods. Works on Zdoom2.8, Zando, GZD/LZD, and also PrBoom, crispy and Odamex tested. Not intended but as all the main gold is in the Zdoom family.

Be Sure to visit the Parent Mod as well because it is one of the most glorious mods ever made for Doom Engine. https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/1 ... nilla-v32/

Doom 4 Vanilla ReZDoom

This was a small project undertaken to revamp the combat that seems to miss the mark in Doom 4 mods
using the best sprite resources from D4V- Doom 4 Vanilla, Realm667, and FreeDoom. This project is not a reimagining or expansion
to D4V. This project was to get the feeling close to "correct" for how OG Doom Engine and Doom 4 could mesh together.
The idea here is to blend the best of both worlds and spew out a worthwhile gameplay mod.

Project Goals:

1. ZDoom 2.8 Compatible-- This way it performs the same across the entire family
This is not a D4V expansion designed to be played on everything.
The fact is that this WAD can be played on Boom Family as Vanilla Skin
Players, guns and Monsters. The real action is in ZDoom.

2.Simplicity-- Move, jump, shoot, have fun. No Glory Kills, no weapon mods. There is only 1 altfire
attached to all guns and that is punching. The gun roster is the Classic Doom 2 roster
albeit they are slightly adjusted for timing.

3. Combat Accuracy-- No glory kills, no chainsaw ammo dumps. What is mostly accurate, within reason and code ability, is
1. Player Movement: from ZDoom Default-- Jumps slightly higher, falls faster, Runs a little bit slower
all designed to match Doom 2016 as close as possible.

2. Monster fighting.-- This is the bread and butter and the entire reason to play this mod. This is
the entire let down with "most" Doom 4 conversion mods that this mod seeks to rectify.
Monsters are Doom 2 Roster, but adjusted to be very close to their Doom 4 counterparts
while keeping a balance for Classic Doom map style for ANY pwads or Iwads.

A.Zombieman-- Random spawns a Zombie or an Infantry. They both are slow, and they
Both have slightly expanded movement to climb and drop. Infantry packs a gun that
Hitscans but also leaves a tracer. All bullets on player and ZOmbies leave tracers

B.Shotgunner is very Doom 2 vanilla but with expanded movement to climb and drop.

C. Chaingunner-- expanded movement same as above-- Performs vanilla otherwise for better or worse.

D. Doom Imp-- The first major overhaul, and just like in Doom 4 he is the most annoying enemy.
He strafes and climbs, generally staying at distance from Doomguy Slayerman.
His melee attack is very fast so you'll probably get a bruise or two if you want
bash his skull in.

E. Pinky-- He's big and Pink and will ram you in the stink. This guy will break physics a little bit
but nothing that is completely intolerable. Same thing for brother Spectre

F. HellKnight-- This dude I tried to get accurate for his action cues and stuff. He still has a Bruiser Ball
to throw, but he goes thru a charge up animation mimicking him requiring effort to do it.
His main defaults are very physical and in your face including a jump attack.

G. Baron-- This guy was probably the easiest to get accurate. He has his charge attack and his very mean green ball
that is way stronger than HellKnight. He does a charge up animation before either Ranged attack so as to
give the Player a warning signal akin to Doom 4 proper.

H.Mancubus and Mancubus--- Basically 2 different versions replace the Arachnotron and OG-Fatso respectively.
Not much else to say.

I. CacoDemon-- This guy strafes in air and is much more mobile than Classic Doom version.

J. Bones--- I'll be straight here. I am not putting in a jetpack skeleton even with the sprites available.
Bones is staying vanilla because he's already deadly enough. Other monsters already break
most maps as is, and another flyer that has seeker rockets is just too much for most PWADS
to handle.

K. Painboy-- He is vanilla. He outclasses most Doom 4 monsters by himself, and only got a Sprite upgrade
that slightly matches the theme better. Courtesy of FreeDoom Pain Elemental sprite.

L. SpiderMom-- BigMomma sticking with her gatlin gun.

M. CyberDemon-- This guy is staying Vanilla other than his looks. If you want specialized Cybers then I have plenty
of variants i can recommend in other mods. This idea is also to be spectrum friendly to most map makers
out there without burning their traps and tricks to the ground.

N. Archvile-- This guy, just like in Doom 4 proper, is the biggest departure from everything we know about classic Doom.
As Such I had to make HER as accurate as possible because she deserves it.
She Teleports--not really, but with enough settings and animation, it sure seems like she is, and I wrote her code!
She Summons-- She summons Zombies, Infantry and Imps. She can only summon 1 at a time, and she does not do it
very often 85/256 chance that she will initiate a summon.
She is faster than hell-- There was no avoiding this so as to get the crown jewel accurate.
The Good News--- she cannot revive burned. enemy corpses! Yes she can revive stuff, have no fear.


D4V Classic-- Art(Player, weapons, monsters, most projetiles,powerups), sounds, reference and inspiration

Realm 667-- Bruiser Demon sprites, Zombie Marine sprites.

FreeDoom-- pain elemental sprites

Kalensar--- Compiling, artwork changes, all Decorate code that make this go vroom
Playtesting and Bug squashing.
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