Question regarding Vanilla Doom Armor Pickups

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Question regarding Vanilla Doom Armor Pickups

Post by Tesculpture »

This is something I noticed that struck me as odd enough to ask about.

In Doom, the pickup for green armor has two sprites:

Of the two sprites, ARM1A0 is clearly the more "glowing" one.

But in the GreenArmor's decorate definition on the ZDoom wiki:

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    ARM1 A 6
    ARM1 B 7 Bright
ARM1B0 is the one set to be fullbright, and thus the one that shows up in dark areas.

So, in the dark GreenArmor looks like this:

But surely, wouldn't it make more sense for the other sprite to be the glowing one, like this?

The sprites for blue armor are back to front in the same way.

Is this a holdover from vanilla Doom? A GZDoom bug? Have I only just noticed something everyone else is patently aware of? I'm curious.
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Re: Question regarding Vanilla Doom Armor Pickups

Post by Hellser »

It's a hold over. Good job spotting that! It's a simple enough change that can be applied as an Autoload mod if it really irks you.

I did some digging before making this post. Doom Alpha 0.5 doesn't have ARM1B0 (Green) or ARM2B0 (Blue). Doom Press Release DOES have ARM2B0 (Blue), but it doesn't have ARM1B0 (Green). The Green Armor pickup in the Press Release doesn't have the BRIGHT flag either. So.. who knows!

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