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Captain J
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Re: Ghastly

Post by Captain J »

Ghastly was a great, respected person who were kind to us fellow users. Even when i was a socially confusing teen on threads he treated me with generousity regardless.

I want to thank him for helping the community with his attributions. And for helping me of reshaping myself back then, along with my friends and users. It's all so sudden. I'm lost that he's gone but he always will be missed.

Rest in peace, Ghastly. And i'm sorry, Neural.
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Re: Ghastly

Post by InsanityBringer »

Having spent time with the guy nearly daily for years now, the loss is significant. Scary how quickly those good times can end..
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Re: Ghastly

Post by Tormentor667 »

Ugh… this feels so unreal. I am very sorry to hear that, makes me very sad because I knew him for a very long time now, he seems to have been there since the beginning … farewell my friend.
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Re: Ghastly

Post by Redneckerz »

A magnificent character has gone to slay demons elsewhere. R.I.P.
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Re: Ghastly

Post by scalliano »

We truly have lost a legend.

Rest in peace.
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Re: Ghastly

Post by Enjay »

Just catching this news. Not good, not good at all.

Rest in peace Ghastly. You will be sorely missed.
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Re: Ghastly

Post by Clown_Number_42 »

If your brother has had hard life up until the time he died in his sleep, may he find peace.
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Re: Ghastly

Post by NeuralStunner »

Thank you all. ❤

It's taken me a while (or maybe not so much?) but I've gotten to the place where I can find joy in my memories of my friend. Staying close to those I still have, just being myself and the person he always believed me to be.

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