HUD gone

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HUD gone

Post by CaptainTofu2 »

Hello there!
I am playing ZDL powered GZdoom RPG RLA and after playing a long time, most of my hud vanished. I cannot restore it. Started a new game, reset the settings to default, pressed + and -, nothing works.

My settings, how it looks and my modlist: ... share_link

I am clueless. The next step would be to reinstall GZdoom I guess?
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Re: HUD gone

Post by VVanTuz2OO2 »

Hello. Your screenshots do have HUD, but a very messed up.

Try these steps.

I had complications with additional HUD's and textures, since all graphical mods sometimes require you to open them in special order or do preparing before do so, it may happen to any global mod so I do recommed search the Youtube and read the readme for the mods you have installed. Which should be set either in launch .bat file, autoload in GZDoom's ini, or in ZDL mod list. Really. Check it twice, thrice... It may be the problem there. Also look for GZDoom's log files, maybe they will tell you that something wrong. If it runs it doesn't mean it's okay, it's Garris Mod kind of thing... huh.

Look into these settings inside the GZDoom options menu. Don't forget to tap the "Full options menu" first.
- HUD Options. Obviously... There are lots of options for HUD either to make it simplified, or detailed, or unseen. You may misclicked something while checking options first time. Also check the "Screen Size" option. It enables classic interface or simplified one.
- Scaling Options (in the HUD Options). Title speaks for itself. It might be a scaling problem, like parts of the HUD are "out of the screen".
- Display Options and set video mode. Maybe you have problems with resolution and aspect ratio.
- Compatibility options. Quite impossible if you're playing with mods you might have never opened this, but who knows. This menu is for comaptibility with vanilla or other formats such as Boom or MBF, and as you know none of them support such mods. You better check that your compatflags in that menu are zero and zero only.

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