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Excuese me

Post by shaodoomkahn »

i have new version of gzdoom in my windows and how do i change save and screenshot folder ?
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Kappes Buur
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Re: Excuese me

Post by Kappes Buur »

When you mention new version of gzdoom I assume you mean version 4.9.0

First of all, create the folders where you want to save the game and screenshot.
Then you have two options for the ini file:
  • 1 use gzdoom_portable.ini in the GZDoom folder
  • 2 let GZDoom create a gzdoom.ini somewhere in Windows
In the ini file, set the paths for save_dir and screenshot_dir

If you opt for option 2, then use whereisini in the console to find gzdoom.ini,
for example
This option has the advantage that it applies to any subsequent releases of GZDoom.

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