Player state saving/drop-in, drop-out co-op ...

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Player state saving/drop-in, drop-out co-op ...

Post by Dan_The_Noob »

Hey guys,
so i have been using GZDoom for co-op a bit more recently.
it is nice enough and works with friends in the ping ranges i need it to (using a virtual LAN for stability)

but a feature that i would like to request is some form of player state saving that can be done separately to level progression.
allowing for things like New Game+ or persistent progression across wads.

things to possibly store (not sure how possible some would even be)
- some kind of unique ID might be needed
- character skin/customisation (is it even possible to inject sprites via network?)
- weapons (separate per-weapon actor)
- continuous tracking for kills, secrets, deaths, number of maps cleared, favourite weapon.
- whatever metadata might be useful to carry over.

the main idea is to be able to better implement RPG style mods longer term and get around megawad limits etc.

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