Latches for CVARINFO

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Major Cooke
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Latches for CVARINFO

Post by Major Cooke »

Seeing it was removed from sv_cheats had me thinking... There's been many times I've been craving latches for different events happening, some of which could be when changing a map, or starting a new game. I have some gameplay options that, in order to prevent players from getting the immediate benefit and doing switcharoos and then switching back, I had to code in myself but if it's hard coded into the engine, I wouldn't need to worry about those anymore.

So I propose a couple latches:
  • Map Latch - The config option kicks in the change upon loading a new map
  • New Game Latch - Takes place upon starting fresh - pistol start, either from death exit or starting a new game - triggers it
Along with a sub-latch to specify whether to trigger on maps already visited in a hub or not.
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Marisa the Magician
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Re: Latches for CVARINFO

Post by Marisa the Magician »

This does make sense, considering there's so many things that require a map restart to take full effect. Having the cvar latch would at least let players know right away that it's required.
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Re: Latches for CVARINFO

Post by Player701 »

Since we're talking about latch CVArs, I could really use the ability to get both the actual ("latched") and the new (queued) value of a latched CVAR via ZScript, unless this is already in and I've somehow missed it happening. (As far as I'm aware, the current ZScript APIs allow retrieving only the latched value.)

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