Running GZDoom Multiplayer for PB 3.0

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Running GZDoom Multiplayer for PB 3.0

Post by BrickSniper »

I'm looking for some assistance with getting GZDoom running for multiplayer. I realize this is not exactly a user friendly thing to do, but I really want to play Project Brutality 3.0 with a friend in co-op, and there is simply no Zandronum compatibility.

Every online forum I've visited asking the question has ended with the same "just use Zandronum and Doomseeker" line. I'd really appreciate it if someone could inform me as to how I can make this work, or if it's simply not possible. For reference I've been using ZDL to try and host a co-op session with no luck. Any help is most welcome.
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Re: Running GZDoom Multiplayer for PB 3.0

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PB3 is not multiplayer compatible, even in GZDoom.

But you can do P2P LAN multiplayer in GZDoom by using the -host and -join launch parameters using something like a .bat file, ZDL or just plane old CMD, on the host, use the -host parameter, and for the client, use -join [Host's IP address].

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