[0.10.6] Gun Bonsai -- everything-compatible weapon upgrading

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Re: [0.10.6] Gun Bonsai -- everything-compatible weapon upgrading

Post by stainedofmind »

Minor bug report, with Brutal Doom V22, because of how the headshot system works, HE Shots does a ton of damage. I was one shotting Baron of Hells and narrowed it down to this upgrade. I would say there's not really a good way to completely fix it, but I created a patch for it that changes the damage type from "Extreme" to a dummy type. Still very overpowered, but better then disabling the upgrade.

Patch available here: viewtopic.php?t=78910
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Re: [0.10.6] Gun Bonsai -- everything-compatible weapon upgrading

Post by Exibius »

Getting inconsistent VM aborts with Revivification. Next time it happens, going to try to get a screenshot.
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Re: [0.10.6] Gun Bonsai -- everything-compatible weapon upgrading

Post by Darkbeetlebot »

I was just playing with Gun Bonsai on a somewhat lengthy modlist with Project Brutality 3.2 on Eday Vanilla. And it was going pretty well up until I got to the first hell level and assaulted the fortress. During this climb, any time I would use specifically a weapon with the Chain Lightning upgrade, it would lag SEVERELY. I don't just mean slideshow frames, I mean bringing my actual system to its knees. At one point I accidentally shot an imp with a chain lightning-infused BFG shot and it crashed so bad that it took my computer with it completely. Not even CTRL+ALT+Delete worked. That is to say, I had to hard reset just to unfreeze the OS. This has been a consistent issue with chain lightning for me. It always causes ungodly amounts of lag even at just the first few levels. I've never had this issue before with any other mod, or even when running NUTS. No idea what the code behind this upgrade looks like, but I think you might want to take a look at it.

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