Phased Migration of the bug tracker

Here, developers communicate stuff that does not go onto the main News section or the front page of the site.
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Re: Phased Migration of the bug tracker

Post by Rachael »

Permissions have been altered for the dev subforums. I will try and see if we can get a workable mod to enable these forums after the upgrade. As of now, no new threads can be created but old threads can still be replied to and devs can still close threads.
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Re: Phased Migration of the bug tracker

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mjr4077au wrote:I'd like to think we wouldn't have that issue with GitHub seeing it emails people upon replies or being tagged and all that, but I suppose there's some who wouldn't ever check their emails etc. It is a step in the right direction though.
It emails me everything except for whenever new commits are pushed. Which can get a little irritating but thankfully hasn't really been much of a problem at least.

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