'Eek! All Status Effects!' - A Reelism 2 addon (1.0.0)

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'Eek! All Status Effects!' - A Reelism 2 addon (1.0.0)

Post by TheMIDIMan »

Have you ever wanted a handful of questionably made status modifiers added to your favourite DOOM mod? No?
Well, here's 12 of them anyway. Delivered straight to your first reel.

These 12 reels include new classics such as:
  • KickBACK: enemies (and the player) violently fly away from the source of damage.
  • Popup Pain: Reelism 2 billboard pop up to block your view!
  • MLG; Monster League Gaming: every mod needs a little bit of cringy memes. And circlestrafing monsters.
  • Wheelism 2: some enemies get to drive a car. Sadly they love crashing into scenery, and usually kill themselves.
Also included in the PK3:
  • One extra tab to the manual. (looks very natural)
  • Two more manual entries in said new tab (Read Me! and Credits)
  • A week's worth of effort from someone who has no idea whether they're a good or a bad programmer

Mostly made for shits and giggles, but I thought some of you could probably get a kick or two out of this.
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Re: 'Eek! All Status Effects!' - A Reelism 2 addon (1.0.0)

Post by undeadmonk354 »

A Reelism addon full of status effects, that's really good so far!

But I can see that monsters can jump around with fireworks and no jumping is allowed in one of the reels.

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