Why is bilinear filtering the default?

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Why is bilinear filtering the default?

Post by Willytor »

Something that always bugs me, not only about gzdoom but emulators and methods of playing old games is how bilinear filtering is the default option. I don't get it, it looks disgusting and the first thing everyone does is ask how to turn it off. If the main purpose of gzdoom is playing the original doom games, keep them looking like how they looked originally, dont add a blurring effect that makes everything look like n64 vomit. I know the pixels werent nearly as visible in the original state of the game, but if you're someone who is bothered that much by visible pixels then you should go out of your way to change display settings. I genuinely do not know anyone who prefers the look of bilinear to just no texture filtering.
Sorry if this post comes off as unecessarily aggresive it just bothers me
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Re: Why is bilinear filtering the default?

Post by Caligari87 »

(GZDoom uses trilinear filtering as the default, not bilinear, but I guess that's a pedantic distinction)

Texture filtering was set as the default in GZDoom back in the day when showing off cool hardware-rendering effects was one easy way to make the engine stand out from other software-rendering engines. From what I understand, Graf also likes smooth pixels rather than chunky pixels, and since it's Graf's port he gets to make the decision. It's been discussed dozens (maybe hundreds) of times over the past 15+ years. Many people have asked for the default to be changed. It's not going to change.

Easy enough to turn off for your own copy of GZDoom, so it's a moot point anyway.


EDIT: I've also locked the topic. To clarify: OP, you didn't do anything wrong and you're not in trouble. I'm locking because this discussion, however well-intentioned, always devolves in bad directions and isn't going to result in any meaningful change. I'd just rather we not do it yet again.

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