killtest -first wad (cynicism accepted)

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killtest -first wad (cynicism accepted)

Post by NeonAnnihilator »

sorry about the double post realized i forgot the title lol
its my first post so idk it bugged out
cynicism is cool and you should do it 'cause this map is probably pretty bad

link: ... Vn4f7obcc9

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Re: killtest -first wad (cynicism accepted)

Post by Zemakat »

Hello, I played the map and I have a few statements to share!


- The aesthetic of the yard space with the bodies, in combination with the metallic interior spots.

- The addition of connected rooms unrelated to the main objective, which have supplies (computer room with bullet box).


- The revenant, arachnotron and cacodemon in the yard can be killed with little trouble. I believe this is from the small entrance door, where the player can take cover and shoot them/saw them if close. It serves as a chokepoint for these stronger creatures, which I'm thinking is unintentional.

- The exit switch has a strange effect of being only visible from 1 side.

- The medieval fence, where the mancubus is, can be passed through.

I can give advice, but only if you ask! I'll accept a "no". =p

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