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Post by yum13241 »

This entry in the INI would allow users to make sure something gets loaded last

Autoload currently loads things first, after the IWAD but before files added with -file.

That may not be feasible.

Say you want to make sure a certain mod always loads last for it to override changes made by others.

The current way would be to load it as the last thing in EVERY shortcut, and also disable autoload because you don't want to load a mod twice.

That's tedious, and I wish there was a way to ensure something loads last and have it retroactively apply to everything, say, all those batch files.


You have a map pack that replaces the sounds to ones you don't like, BUT you also have a mod that replaces the sounds to better ones. You would say "just load that sound mod last!" That works, but you also have it autoloaded, and you can't load a mod twice. The way currently would be to disable autoload, load everything manually, THEN your sound mod. That's tedious, especially if you have a lot of shortcuts, batch files, or whatever. AutoloadLast solves this by forcefully making sure it's last. If there are multiple entries, load them in order, but as last things.


Someone's autoload may be like this


But, say we have a map wad that overrides sounds and skins.

This is what we have to do normally

Disable autoload.

GZDoom --no-autoload -iwad doom2.wad -file maps.wad sounds.wad skins.wad fullbright.wad

Imagine having to edit ALL your shortcuts to do that. That defeats the convenience of autoload.

With autoloadLast, we could to the following:


gzdoom -file maps.wad

And the sounds and skins from that map wad would be gone, replaced with our versions.

Also a new commandline parameter, --no-autoload-last

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