HYDRA (Demo)

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HYDRA (Demo)

Post by NDgamer00 »

The Hydra demo is finally here! Make sure to press F1 for help (recommended). This total conversion mod is a successor to Meridian but with a more simple approach. It's gameplay is your standard doom mixed with Marathon elements. In the future there will be three acts, consisting of five levels each and more content.

Download Link: https://www.moddb.com/mods/hydra/downloads/hydra-demo
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Re: HYDRA (Demo)

Post by Captain J »

Impressive and large TC there! I recently have beaten Episode 1 and i really love the late 90s hyper-fps aesthetic feel it has, hence the well fitting soundtrack being played. Also thanks for putting SSG Alt-Fire on Shotgun because it's now super convenient!
Spoiler: And now here's my feedback!
I certainly had a blast playing the first episode. I wonder if it has secret level as well? Or did i just miss it? Anyways, very promising TC. Looking forward to the next update!

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