PlayStation Gamepad (DS4 and DualSense) support is broken

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PlayStation Gamepad (DS4 and DualSense) support is broken

Post by AL2009man »

This is apparently a known issue that has been reported before in this website, but I might as well report it myself. Due to the way PlayStation Controllers (DualShock 4 and DualSense) are handled on Windows OS, GZDoom will detect the Controller as a DirectInput device, while plugged as USB.

When enabled, the Camera will start to move by itself (and controllable with Left and Right Trigger.) and the bindings are partially incorrect (in menus, pressing the Square or Circle button is the Confirm button, while Cross/X button is Back button.) You can sorta fix the bindings tho, but I would rather recommend using an Input Remapper and emulate it as a XInput Controller.

edit: Whoops, I forgot to share some bit of info while I try to figure out how to grab log files (if needed): I'm running on Windows 11, GZDoom 4.7.1 and ensure I turn off any sort of Input Remappers (including Steam's) aside of VSCView Overlay

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