Hexed Underworld - Hexen meets Ultima Underworld

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Re: Hexed Underworld - Hexen meets Ultima Underworld

Post by Nihlith »

Sir Robin wrote: Wed Apr 20, 2022 2:45 pm Saw this video and got an idea for your LOW gem - instead of just a shiny gem, why not make it bigger, a poly object with portals on 8 sides that you can seamlessly walk through into the other worlds?

See this video near the end at about 24:20

I like how the music queues up and everything.
I'd make it so hitscans and projectiles and monsters can't pass through, then put a transparent mid-texture right in front of each portal to make it hazy looking.
Just an idea...
That does sound cool, but when I was playing LOW the frustrating part about the gem is that all of the portals look exactly the same. It wouldn't be nearly as fancy as what you described but while I was playing UW2 I just wished that the facets were different colors.

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