[Vanilla] [WIP] Sthguoht Modnar A

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[Vanilla] [WIP] Sthguoht Modnar A

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As I working on my unnamed megawad project (Doom I TC is the working title), I have encountered lots of problems in my project (gameplay, strict story coherency, mapping mistake, aesthetics). So I have decided to make the project low-priority for now & create a new megawad project for Doom II.

Sthguoht Modnar A (A Random Thoughts spelled backwards) is a megawad project aimed to replace 32 maps for Vanilla Doom II, divided to 4 chapters, each chapter has its own theme. First chapter is grungy tech-base themed maps (I hope it doesn't become boring). Second chapter is about deserted outskirts (suburban stuffs). Third chapter is about metropolitan city. And fourth chapter is hell-themed maps. Also secret levels are Wolfenstein 3D themed.

As for weapons, I have decided to give pistol 100% accuracy because I don't wanna introduce chaingun too early, and fighting demons with puny pistol isn't fun (especially if you die). I also give the pistol new sprite & sound so you will have fun using the new pistol. To accommodate the new pistol sound (new pistol sound is weird with the old chaingun sprite), I reskinned it to Machine Gun! (alpha machine gun sprite to be exact, see credits for more info). Also, the old shotgun sound is weird, so I have changed it with the sprite too. And the fist sprite is changed too so Doomguy punching demons with gloved hands without brass knuckles.

Screenshots & Video:

Weapon Preview:

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