More actor functions should be data scoped?

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Re: More actor functions should be data scoped?

Post by Major Cooke »

As long as it's made clear on deprecation and how we can transition this stuff, I'd be fine with that.

(But to be fair, since the spread rune is an absolute no-go, we'll never get there 100% of the way anyway.)
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Re: More actor functions should be data scoped?

Post by SanyaWaffles »

Nash wrote:Can't have your cake and eat it too especially where major progress is concerned
This so much. It's incredibly frustrating to constantly be held back because one mod out of a thousand did something wrong in terms of engine progress.
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Re: More actor functions should be data scoped?

Post by Nash »

To be fair (and clear, so that I don't get misinterpreted), I'm not knocking on mods - I mean at the end of the day, given current features as of today, there's not really any other way to do certain things. As an example, Major Cooke linked to TargetSpy in the other post - which is a very well-coded mod and m8f certainly knows what he's doing. It's certainly not his fault that all he has at his disposal when his mod was made, is the current Actor.LineTrace or the LineTracer class.

But that also means that if GZDoom gets C/S, I think it's a realistic expectation that some mods won't "just work" out the box.
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Re: More actor functions should be data scoped?

Post by ZzZombo »

I don't see how even in a proper client-server arch. line trace must be only a server-side feature. As long as the client has already the relevant knowledge of the intercepted objects it should be possible for it to return the results w/o consulting the server.

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