Your preferred loading order for mods and maps.

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Your preferred loading order for mods and maps.

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When I first got into doom, I read somewhere that there's a specific way to load things into your preferred ports of choice. The load order is Maps, Mods, and finally any Addons that you might want to, well add. As I learn more about how some source ports work and how some maps and mods work, I've seen around that some prefer to load things like Mods, Addons, and finally any Map set that you might like.

There are some mods/maps out there that do have their own load order listed in their respective download pages or in their included "read me" files, and those seem to make sense as to how they would be loaded since sometimes those mods have their own monsters.

I take it that any mod/maps with monsters should be loaded at the end of the command line.

So if there are mods with weapons and monsters I feel like the load order could/has to be like:
Map Set < Addons < Gameplay & Monsters Mod
Map Set < Gameplay & Monsters Mod < Addons

and if a map has it's monsters it should be like:
Gameplay & Monsters Mod < Map Set < Addons

AND if any mod has no monster it's valid to do it like:
Map Set < Gameplay Mod < Addons
Gameplay Mod < Map Set < Addons
Gameplay Mod < Addons < Map Set

(take not that Addons can be any mod that add vary little things like huds, sound effects, textures, etc)

I do prefer to load my Maps < Gameplay mods < and finally Addons like so, UNLESS I'm specifically told to otherwise in any map/mod download page or read me file! How do you load your stuff? do you have your method of loading mods and maps? Share your methods and incites on how you do things! I am interested in others methods because it gives a new perspective on things and it teaches new things :)

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