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Doom PlayStation/Doom 64 high quality sounds project

Post by NathanSilver »

I was digging through the forums of ZDoom, as well as Doomworld, and found two threads talking about the high quality sounds of the two games with Aubrey Hodges involved, the PSX Doom and Doom 64. One of the threads had a WAD, which contained few sound effects found, so I borrowed those sounds and give them tweaks. Not all of them were included though, but not only that, I have found other sound effects from Sound Ideas, as well looking through game files and other sources, such as Conker's Bad Fur Day.

Some sounds were also used in the PC versions of Doom and Doom 2, but with different touches. At this point, so far, I haven't found ALL of the sound effects' original sources yet, but I did actually find and recreated some of them, by accident, and by researching. Here's a list:

DSBAREXP - A stock explosion sound, used for the Arachnotron's death sound and barrel explosion. For the barrel, it doesn't sound correct, but similar.
DSCLAW - Included in the said WAD found in the Doomworld forums, used for Imp, Baron and Hell Knight melee attacks.
DSCYBDTH - Similar to the PC version, using DSPOSIT2 but with different stock explosion, used for the projecticle collisions.
DSDMACT - Same as PC DSPOSIT2, but sped up.
DSDMPAIN - A snippet of the PC version of DSBGDTH2, but distorted to be more demonic.
DSDOROPN - Found in the said WAD, but the "booting" sound merged into it is currently missing.
DSFIRXPL - A stock explosion sound effect, mostly used in many sources, such as Angry Birds and Conker's Bad Fur Day. Also see DSCYBDTH.
DSGETPOW - Sound Ideas implies as a "sci-fi computer beep", used for the power up sound effect.
DSHOOF - Used for the Cyberdemon's footsteps, but at some point, the PSX version uses the Spider Mastermind mechanical leg sound along with the hoofing sound used in the PC version, but it was reverted back to the hoof in Doom 64.
DSITEMUP - Same as DSGETPOW, but half of the sound being cut.
DSMANATK - A snarling jaguar, found in the same WAD. For this PK3 it was cut to match the original PSX/D64 version of the sound, as the WAD had a full version instead.
DSMETAL - Like many other sounds, found in the said WAD, used for the Spider Mastermind's legs. As the forum thread implies, it's a sound of a trash bin getting kicked.
DSPIEHI and DSPLDETH - The most overused sound of a man screaming, used for the player death sound. Also used for the demon pain sound in the PC version but low pitched.
DSPISTOL - A very rare sound of a 44 Magnum getting fired. The quality is not that good but I can assume it's a 70s/80s stock sound effect, and it does have a full version comparing to the games.
DSPLASMA - An edited sound! Originally used in Terminator, used for the Plasma Rifle sound effect.
DSPOSIT1 - According to Sound Ideas, it's a bearing growling sound, used for one of the zombie sight noises. Also edited to match the original PSX sound.
DSPSTART - Lift sound, found in the said WAD as well. This was pitched down to match the original sound, as the WAD originally had a different pitch.
DSPSTOP - Long story short, I found this by complete accident while listening to "Conker the King". Digging through Conker's sound files, this was used for certain cutscenes, including the opening sequence, with the door shutting before the next cutscene. In other words, this was used when a lift stops moving.
DSSGTATK - Used for the pinky bite, found in the said WAD. Like DSPSTART, it was pitched to match the original sound.
DSSKEACT - Another one found in the WAD, used for the Revenant search sound.
DSSPISIT - Yet another one, used for the Spider Mastermind sight sound. By my research, I couldn't find the original source of this one, but it could be a squealing sound mixed with one of the Imp sounds.

Sounds that aren't listed here, are borrowed from Perkristian's high quality Doom sound pack and other sources. The placeholder folder included in the files are the same sounds from PSX Doom. Some will be removed in further updates when I find their original sources.

DSDBCLS, DSDBLOAD and DSDBOPN - Used for the Super Shotgun reload, also used in PSX/D64.
DSPUNCH - Stock punching sound also used in both games.
DSRADIO - A telephone sound, used for the chat message noise.
DSSAWFUL, DSSAWHIT, DSSAWIDL and DSSAWUP - Used for, well, the chainsaw, but DSSAWHIT has been matched to Doom 64's sound rather than the PC or PSX.
DSSGCOCK and DSWPNUP - Same as the other sounds listed above. It's a shotgun cocking noise.
DSSGTDTH and DSSGTSIT - Same sound used in the PC version of Doom, for the pinky.
DSSKEATK, DSSKEPCH and DSSKESWG - Used for the Revenant's attacks, also used in PC.
DSSSDTH, DSSSPAIN and DSSSSIT - For the Wolfenstein SS, originally used in the Mac versions of Wolf3D.
DSVILACT, DSVILDTH, DSVILSIT and DSVIPAIN - Cut sound effects for the Arch-vile, recorded by Aubrey Hodges himself, included just in case.

These are all of the sound effects listed here. Willing to help? Feel free to contact me any time! Thank you, and have a great day!

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