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Re: RMG's Friends

Post by RastaManGames »

mamaluigisbagel wrote: EDIT: I was playing with EoA and got stuck on a lift of Doom 2's MAP01 once Ranger spawned behind me, sticking me between him and a wall and I couldn't walk past him. However I could've sworn you could walk through them. Is that a bug, intended, or maybe could've been a compatibility issue?
Strange, because I can swear that player always can go thru this companion.
Sometimes they are just standing on the edge of tight elevator shaft and don't let me to raise up, but then i just trick them out by calling elevator, waiting for it's last holding second and then going inside while I can.
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Re: RMG's Friends

Post by r&r »

Operator and Alpha are fitting for
The Hotel - Lost Contact mod
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Re: RMG's Friends

Post by mamaluigisbagel »

I tested Ranger with a different mod, and I can confirm I can walk through him, so I'm guessing its a problem with Embers of Armageddon.
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Re: RMG's Friends

Post by Ferretmanjcdenton »

Those companions are incredible !
I used the stalker with ghouls dungeon and stalker weapons together. Absolutely BADASS.

I was wondering. The followers are really good . sometimes too good making maps way to easy . I use a few add-ons to combat this like dynamic reinforcements .

Is there any chance to implement a function which lets us choose the skill level of the companion ?

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