Graphics card for an Intel Quad Core machine

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Graphics card for an Intel Quad Core machine

Post by Nash »

Recently acquired some old systems (one with a Q9550 and the other with a Q6600) and was wondering what're some good period-accurate graphics cards to pair these with.

Any suggestions?
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Re: Graphics card for an Intel Quad Core machine

Post by Rachael »

Core 2 Quads, eh?

Those are around the 2008-ish era. So the later pre-GTX series graphics cards would be a good fit from that era.

Like GeForce 9 if you can find those. - or the first-gen GTX series the 200 series.

Or the early Radeon HD series cards. Like a Radeon HD 4000 series.

Ironically enough the OpenGL version in these cards is just barely high enough to run modern-day GZDoom, but to be quite honest performance is going to be fairly shit. :P

I mostly know about it because that was a period when I had to do some extensive computer upgrades in order to be able to continue playing my games, so I was somewhat familiar with what was available back then. It's also when I got my first and only MacBook from Apple - a late 2008 model - and I am really familiar with the specs on that. It had a Core 2 Duo with a GeForce 9600M.
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Graf Zahl
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Re: Graphics card for an Intel Quad Core machine

Post by Graf Zahl »

When I had such a system it came with a Geforce 8600. That was perfectly fine back in the day for most games I played - the only thing to look out here is that if you want to play anything with OpenGL - Don't! Get! AMD/ATI!!! This was a generation for which their drivers were so bad that they'd not even run GZDoom well.
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Re: Graphics card for an Intel Quad Core machine

Post by leileilol »

That period's the start of the CPU slump, so probably about anything from GF8 upward should be fine (including AMD GCNs), the RTX20xx+/Navi+ cards are probably too much. There's at least 8 years of appropriate GPUs so tons of versatility is had.

but if you really wanted to go hard period correct, Geforce8/9, RadeonHD3850-6850, and maybe a PhysX card (as this was when 'physics cards' peaked before GPUs could compute worth a damn).

Period correct retail AAA gaming on it would probably hit the SecuROM serversDestablished wall most likely though...

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