help for portable doom in vanilla and with mods

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help for portable doom in vanilla and with mods

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hey, and here we end again.

This time I try to find as it says, alternatives and options to play doom portable, directly.
in short, access to totally vanilla games, and others in vanilla but with mods for sound (example, ultimate doom vanilla and ultimate doom vanilla but with music from quake 1)

Let's put the situation, I have a usb memory where I currently have doom 1993, but I want to add doom ultimate and doom 2, without using so much space, in short, having the games portable, without installations, or at least without so much work when executing, so hardly I get somewhere with computers and my usb memory, just insert and play.
As I also said, I would ask for alternatives, programs, links or even tutorials, everything works, to play doom in vanilla.

And, thinking about it better, I would also like to consult the possibility of doing the same but with portables with mods, some way to make a doom portable with mods (such as music and sounds or other addons that do not alter all the vanilla gameplay) I have seen nothing more than screenshots with shortcuts of each doom, an access to doom ultimate, doom 2, plutonia, tnt, all with the same source port.

That's all, I hope it was not tedious to read all that or try to understand it from the translator, and if you give me help, thank you very much.

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