quake and doom are competing?

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Re: quake and doom are competing?

Post by Hellser »

Widescreen HUD, Title and Intermission pictures made by fans. Addons which are fan-made levels. Honestly, I'd say if anyone wants to play a "Vanilla+" Doom that isn't Chocolate Doom and they don't own Doom anymore, I'd point them to Doom Unity.
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Re: quake and doom are competing?

Post by sirudoom »

a doom remaster could have at the end of doom have three portals, one going to a medieval hexen, one to a futuristic quake and one to more doom. people make quake and hexen mods already so it would be easy. something kinda like doom eternal/ 2016. your controls are exactly the same and there are classic doom levels in the game. thats like the only thing i like about those games, i dont picture a new doom edgy like that.
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Re: quake and doom are competing?

Post by wildweasel »

This verges on "make it yourself." Personally, I think I'm just going to close this down, because you seem more interested in moving the goalposts in random directions. I don't even know what this discussion is about anymore, but it certainly isn't about what the thread title says it is.

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