What's Old is New Again?

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What's Old is New Again?

Post by ReX »

Eleven + years ago I bought a Palit NE5T240SFHD01 Geforce GT 240 graphics card. I forget what I paid for it, but it couldn't have been more that US $200. I was idly poking around the internets and came cross this on Amazon. It's available for US $170. Can this be right?

I would have figured that this graphics board would have become obsolete a long time ago. Is it just because of the global computer parts shortage? Or is there something remarkable about this particular iteration of the board?

More importantly, should I hold onto the board I bought? I was planning to give my old computer rig to a computer repair place to be used for miscellaneous parts, but seeing the minuscule reduction in price has given me pause.
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Re: What's Old is New Again?

Post by Caligari87 »

It's been my experience that some products just never go down in price for "New In Box". I checked a couple Amazon price trackers and data is sparse for that product but it seems it might have been as low as $90 at one point before ramping back up in 2017, so possibly due to other chip shortages we've been seeing over the last 5 years.

Of course you could probably find that same card at a thrift store for like $20, but that's for the secondary market.

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Re: What's Old is New Again?

Post by Graf Zahl »

This card has zero value for modern computers but may actually be quite interesting for building a retro system playing early 2000's games - it is old enough to still work with early D3D versions and the games running on them while being powerful enough to do it at good frame rates.

Yes, someone managed to sell one for that price on ebay, but most go for $30.
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Re: What's Old is New Again?

Post by leileilol »

I think (in relatively recent 201X hardware contexts) the Radeon GCN cards are better for doing that than old GTXs and even old Radeon HDs. Intel HD's better for the integrated dithering (something AMD/Nv stopped doing since DX10 gen), and Intel does it as a post-process over a 32-bit buffer so it works like PowerVR's better-at-the-time "Internal True Colour" dithering. Old pre-980 GTX merits at this point are probably just CUDA use.

nVidia cards on retro systems for playing older games usually tops around the GeforceFX series only because it's the last with both table fog and paletted texture support (while being absolutely terrible for shader-using DX8/DX9/GL2 games of its time). Also there's lots of them so certainly not in the realm of unobtainability. Even then, there's still the ddraw palette slowdown problem with the whole geforce series

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