The Monstrous Weapons mod

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Deadware studios
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Re: The Monstrous Weapons mod

Post by Deadware studios »

yum13241 wrote:
> [s]I already have an addon, what you like to add, deltaboi?[/s] I read
> "gun" as "guns" the first time around, you mean you
> want to beef up the weapons, right? What would you exactly do?
> [quote="Deadware studios" post_id=1241123 time=1684880681
> user_id=38024]
> Hello yum! This is a pretty cool mod!
> Sorry if i could not reply to your PM but could you send me your discord
> please so we could talk about the mod we are working on
> [/quote]
> I sent it in a PM to avoid getting mass spammed by everyone. If that
> doesn't work then I'll just have to blurt it out.
> Also I have a WIP mod based off of PerK Weapons Enhanced.
> There's also a complete rewrite I haven't released yet. (I should release
> it soon, since I haven't touched it in ages)

It did not send. Could you send it again?
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Re: The Monstrous Weapons mod

Post by DELTAtheDboi005 »

yum13241 wrote: Thu May 25, 2023 4:44 am I need to make sure if your "beefing up" matches the spirit of my mod. The mod is the source code, have @ it.
first of all, if you're gonna call something the "monstrous weapons mod", you gotta deliver on that, being someone who dabbles in the dakka, I can pull weapon sounds from wherever and mix them up to make incomprehensibly thunderous gun sounds and code the weapons to be EXACTLY as powerful as the weapon's sounds, I also got into zscript so I'll probably go about converting the weapons to zscript so that they have their own functions and can also be spawned with no issue via map editors.
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Re: The Monstrous Weapons mod

Post by yum13241 »

I want to be able to play this online, so converting everything into ZScript is a no go. The addon however is 99.9999% ZScript however.

I called it the monstrous weapons mod because I thought everyone would think it sucks lol. Also, reloading does not belong in the base mod, I don't want to select empty weapons.
It did not send. Could you send it again?

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