Hexen Shielded Enemies Fix Plugin

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Krazy Commando
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Hexen Shielded Enemies Fix Plugin

Post by Krazy Commando »

Here's a mini- mod I spun together for Hexen to address one of its most annoying factors in vanilla: Shielded enemies (specifically Centaurs). Let's just say they pushed my buttons one too many times and I decided to take matters into my own hands.

This plugin alters the shield behaviors of Centaurs, Slaughtaurs (Centaur leaders), and their ghostly versions to make their shields behave more like... well, actual shields instead of just complete invulnerability flag changes. This means it should be possible for players to foil them via means other than flechette spam, but they can still block and reflect attacks if not dealt with cautiously.
Download the plugin from the Dropbox link here. The text file within contains additional details.

Hopefully this will make Centaurs and the like a little less tedious to deal with. Currently it does not affect the Heresiarch- I have a plan for that one, but do not have a way to execute it. It also does not affect community- created shielded enemies such as Hell Warriors, Imp Warlords, and Death Knights- it will be up to the authors of those resources to implement this fix.
As the text file states, I highly encourage other modders to implement and refine this plugin for use in their own mods if they contain custom shielded enemies. Just make sure to provide a simple citation- there's even one in the text file that you can copy/paste if you want. Enjoy!
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Re: Hexen Shielded Enemies Fix Plugin

Post by Razumen »

Very cool! I'm going to add this to my next map if that's ok! Credited of course. ;)

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