Collision on finitely tall polyobjects has been broken.

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Collision on finitely tall polyobjects has been broken.

Post by inkoalawetrust »

While working on my city map, I decided to make a supermarket that uses transparent 3D midtex doors, a trick I've used dozens of times before, that makes a finitely tall polyobject that doesn't block things above its' height*, that can also be made transparent unlike any other polyobject types. Another method of making polyobject doors that look and behave as having a finite height, is making a polyobject using the linedefs from a raised floor, that method also produces a finitely high polyobject, and has the advantage of making a door that can have decals on it, and also properly stops hitscans, but the caveat is that the doors' lines can't be made transparent, and that you can't say, put them on top of a 3D floor.

But the problem is that now both of those tricks to make finitely tall polyobjects are broken, both 3D middle texture and raised floor polyobjects block anything above them for an infinite height just like normal polyobjects do. So now there is no way to make finitely tall, horizontally moving level geometry. I asked Graf about it on the Discord, and he told me that the cause is probably 4.7.0 having consolidated the blocking rules for MBF21.

I didn't notice and report this bug earlier because I hadn't tested the collision of these types of polyobjects on my map and my example maps since before I got GZDoom 4.7.0. This trick had worked for as long as I've known how to make polyobjects, which was 2-3 years ago, and I've taught this trick to multiple people before, as early as literally last week and it used to work just fine.

I've attached an example map with a 3D midtex polyobject on the left, and a raised floor one on the right.

*Except hitscans, because to make a 3D midtex polyobject door block them, you need to use the Block Hitscans flag on its' linedefs, which comes with the caveat of blocking hitscans infinitely high.
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