Replacing Options Menu font with FON2 stuff

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Replacing Options Menu font with FON2 stuff

Post by XLightningStormL »

I want to replace the Options Menu font with my VCR font (see how the top menu text is different?) apparently ZScript uses a "NewSmallFont" for this stuff, but I don't know the LMP mane it's supposed to be referred as (a-la how SMALLFONT can be replaced with SMALLFNT.LMP or DBIGFONT with DBIGFONT.LMP) simply put I wish to know the .LMP name that NewSmallFont uses, so I can just replace it with a NSMLFONT.lmp or whatever. I don't wish to separate my font lumps either (too much effort for little reward, not efficient and quick) and don't particularly care about language support either.
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Re: Replacing Options Menu font with FON2 stuff

Post by Nash »

The options menu font doesn't use the typical LMP-style font format. It's using some hardcoded font format (hex font, I believe it's called). Unfortunately, also, the font simply isn't easily* replaceable.

I vaguely recall (I could be wrong) that at some point, it was intended to allow replacements again (using the hex font format?), but no work has been put into that department and it's already been years.

In short, sorry, the options menu font just is not easily* replaceable currently.
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Logan MTM
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Re: Replacing Options Menu font with FON2 stuff

Post by Logan MTM »

I need to remake ALL Menu.
Can you give me a hand on that?

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