Weird mousewheel scroll behavior with long menus

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Weird mousewheel scroll behavior with long menus

Post by Nash »

To reproduce this, run the example file, and go into Controls -> A Very Long Controls Menu.

This is just the controls menu with a lot of duplicated items to make the menu long enough that the scroll up/down arrows start to appear.

When you use the mousewheel to scroll down slowly, it works fine, and when you see the "this is the last item" text that's in yellow, it will be flush against the bottom edge of the screen:

Now, scroll up back a little, so that you don't see the last item anymore (maybe go to the middle of the list). Now, scroll your mousewheel aggressively (as in, swipe the wheel very fast and far, like as if to make it scroll more lines).

You will most likely be able to make the scrolling overshoot its limits, and the last item will now no longer be at the edge of the screen:

Depending on how hard you roll the mousewheel, the position can overshoot only a few lines, or in extreme cases, you could even make the last item go so high up that it goes to the middle of the screen.
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Re: Weird mousewheel scroll behavior with long menus

Post by Player701 »

Possibly related to this issue.
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Re: Weird mousewheel scroll behavior with long menus

Post by Graf Zahl »

Yes, looks like the same thing.

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