BldCrtDM(Blood Circuit Death Match)[Doom 2][Multiplayer]

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BldCrtDM(Blood Circuit Death Match)[Doom 2][Multiplayer]

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09/18/2021 was the day BldCrtDM(Blood Circuit Death Match) entered its final version and released on the world wide web.

BldCrtDM was developed using GZDoom 4.6.1, and has been recently tested successfully with GZDoom 4.7.0.

BldCrtDM requires Doom II: Hell on Earth and a Source Port such as/similar to GZDoom that can load and fully render high quality textures.
Even though GZDoom is the Source Port recommended, it is not the only one with which BldCrtDM has compatibility.

BldCrtDM is a multiplayer wad file that supports various Classic Doom gameplay styles (Auto Aim, no FreeLook/no Jumping) and Modern Doom gameplay features(Manual Aim and FreeLook). It is designed mainly for Deathmatch 2 and AltDeath parameters, though Deathmatch 1 is supported as well. 2 - 4 players are encouraged as the range for Deathmatches, regardless of how BldCrtDM is used during a session. Teamplay can also be utilized with BldCrtDM.

Blood Circuit Death Match can be downloaded here(indirect link):

Blood Circuit Death Match's read me txt can be read here(indirect link):
The read me txt goes into details not mentioned here -- this post is abridged to be a fast read.

Blood Circuit Death Match blends Doom 64 textures from the Steam version wad with native Doom 2 textures to create an environment that is unsettling and futuristic. Blood is being used as a fuel source to power the technology in this area, and is continuously being processed and filtered in the background as players attempt to frag each other. Flowing like waterfalls, crimson fluids endlessly descend, seemingly infinite in supply from its unseen origins. . . .

Internet Archive has uploaded to it a screenshot preview gallery showcasing areas within Blood Circuit Death Match. Interested in taking an interactive virtual tour? Then follow this link:
I want to have the opening post load as fast as possible, which is why I'm avoiding uploading image attachments and hesitating to use imgur links.

Thank you for your interest in BldCrtDM.

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