[GZDOOM 4.x] Rendering randomly freezes on Intel HD4600

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[GZDOOM 4.x] Rendering randomly freezes on Intel HD4600

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Rendering randomly freezes, but the game continues playing in background. This happens first of all if texture resizing is enabled, with HQ4x resizing it can freeze every two minutes. The only way to unfreeze is quicksaving, then loading the game from this save (usually without closing GZDOOM completely, but once it needed rebooting the whole system). If I disable texture resizing, I can play several hours in a row without any problems, but it still can freeze once a week. This happens both in OpenGL and Vulkan, but not in software rendering. With heavy mods (eons of death etc.) this occurs much more often.
My PC: Intel Core i5-4670K, 16 G RAM, built-in Intel HD 4600 video with 1 G video RAM statically reserved in BIOS (automatic setting does not change anything). Windows 10 x64, GZDOOM 4.2..4.6 (all versions, including pre-release builds).
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Re: [GZDOOM 4.x] Rendering randomly freezes on Intel HD4600

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