Dragon Sector (Remake) Mapset

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Re: Dragon Sector (Remake) Mapset

Post by Daryn »

We've just released version 0.43 of the mod. You can find it here.

https://www.moddb.com/mods/dragon-secto ... 3-released

We've fixed a few things based on feedback we've gotten here. While we're not tying our mod to Project Brutality, we are designing around it, since that's what we enjoy playing. For this release, though, we removed the need for Double Jump to reach 100% secrets in Map 3 and fixed a progression problem in Map 4.

I've also starting improving that security hardware, and implemented an alert system so you can tell how far along it is from turning on you. I've also added a cooldown timer, so that if you don't hit the security hardware, its alert level will go down. This should make them a lot more forgiving to use, but still a threat if you aren't careful.

Thanks! We hope you enjoy the fixes. More to come as we have time.
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Re: Dragon Sector (Remake) Mapset

Post by m1lk »

thank you, playing though 0.43 and its great so far

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