Wolf 3D HD -2.0 version released! REMASTER for Wolf 3D TC

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Re: Wolf 3D HD -2.0 version released! REMASTER for Wolf 3D TC

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I'm so used to it I am not sure what you mean. The HUD weapons? The objects? The enemies?

Objects are the lowest quality and what I said I'm currently working on to improve. I just need to set aside time for that. I've already improved the weapons but haven't uploaded them yet, as I'm waiting to get everything done I want. The environments should be the best part, recognizing they are all very large and square flat objects, LOL.

There is noise in about everything I do, but it's getting less needed than it was as the quality improves. On my newer style the noise is very very fine. What noise traditionally does is make a highly altered object appear sharp, it tricks the eye. My use of unsharp mask now is much more prominent and it does the same job with a smoother appearance. I, so far, am not going to redo the environments themselves, but everything else is game. I've also already redone the enemies.

Another thing noise can do is add texturing to an object that would otherwise have nothing. I would use several techniques to alter the pixel positioning on purpose, but as my quality and resolution has improved these things have become a lesser impact and I have less and less reason to do it.

What I use that makes it quite vivid on my 1440p monitor is running DSR 4.0 with the resolution set to native. I don't use any smoothness but may have experimented with sharpening as it improves the render past what photoshop can do with it. If sharpening is too much, experiment with smoothness as a combo to improve it. That has literal potential to further enhance everything in realtime that allows the engine to render at higher resolutions and then spit out at native. It helps with the texture quality quite a bit. I have a gtx 1080, so the framerate is good and a 144hz monitor. I'd be interested in the kind of rig you have. Is anything in my new screenshots an improvement over what you were seeing in-game?

Otherwise, wait for a new update. But thanks for the post, you are literally the only person who has commented at the quality. I'd be interested how you run this mod with your current rig. Thank for your interest and effort in trying it out.

AA is another option that actually works EXTREMELY well with DSR but could take a toll on framerate as much as DSR itself. It depends on how clean of an image you want. I personally don't use it.

BASICS: improving your contrast will increase sharpness, and check your color saturation.
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Re: Wolf 3D HD -2.0 version released! REMASTER for Wolf 3D TC

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I am now noticing my old screenshots are blurred. I am not sure why that is. I can only assume without another response, the last person looked at the screenshots, never downloaded the mod, and didn't see I said the mod is 4k ready.

So I'll use this opportunity to state I am now actively working on the mod again. For now. First, here's BJ's face, a bad texture, but you will see the blur is gone compared to the 1 year old screenshot in my OP:

Thumbnail link to test on this comment:
Actual screenshot link:

This demonstrates the game is not blurry at all, not keeping in mind this terribly ugly texture that can't actually be remastered without moving around assets. Regardless, comparing it to the old screenshot, even with a blur this one is an improvement.

Here's some other screenshots of newer objects! I've now leaped 2 levels of quality from several months ago before I announced the project. Keeping in mind Wolfenstein graphics and how you remaster them can vary from Doom if an asset is more detailed.

I was surprised I liked this lighting effect I added to this 2D sprite:


So I added it to the redone light sprites as well:


Comparing the old screenshots, you can easily see the leap in visual quality. I had lighting spots on the ground for over a year now in the current release.

Here's the plants redone that weren't yet finished in a previous screenshot showing the lamp and it's new special effects:


Also keep in mind that blurring up close is a natural biproduct depending on the texture, as I can only go to 1024x1024 before realtime loading of assets doesn't become a huge issue. This is due to this old mod from 2016 and glad it still works (at least in last year's GzDoom release) but it required quite an edit on previous versions.

That is why I made suggestions above about DSR and sharpening, and AA,ect.. I do my best to keep native resolution without DSR in mind. These screenshots are all at 4x DSR at native resolution and no blurring or sharpening. I have to scale down all the assets I create, so some blurring will occur. It's a limit of current gen hardware and how GzDoom is unable to precache my large textures. The walls and ceilings/floors preload properly, so I make those 2048x2048 instead, so they have extra detail, and they also take up the entire screen.

I explained all these things before, but I write alot and most people don't want to read all that, so then I will repeat myself. ;)

Otherwise, thought I'd show you guys these screenshots as I was excited at all the progress in the last 24 hours!

Here's the new pickup:


I've now completed 15 objects with 43 to go before I can move on to other assets. I did these mostly in about half a days work.

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