Re-PowerSlave v1

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Re: Re-PowerSlave v1

Post by The_Abysswalker »

Very interesting. Wanted to play this but DL link is ded :(
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Travis Rowden
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Re: Re-PowerSlave v1

Post by Travis Rowden »

The_Abysswalker wrote: Tue Oct 11, 2022 11:39 am Very interesting. Wanted to play this but DL link is ded :(
They released a remastered version on Steam.
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Re: Re-PowerSlave v1

Post by PurpleRhino83 »

Damn what happened to this? The dl link is dead, same as his Re-Blood mod. The NightDive rerelease shouldn't matter since it's a free mod and has it's own unique levels and assets.
Edit: The gdrive link in the video is still up fyi.

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