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Graphic names

Post by AmberOnline »

This is confusing for me, I modified my .wad and made a custom status bar. Although, there is this graphic I'm not familiar with. What is the name of this graphic in Doom2.wad so I can successfully modify it? The dimensions of the file would also help.
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Re: Graphic names

Post by Jarewill »

That is one of Doom's flat graphics, so you shouldn't replace it.
Instead you can create a MAPINFO file and write this GameInfo definition:

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    BorderFlat = "COMP03_1" //Replace with your flat of choice
I don't know how it will handle anything that isn't a flat (a 64x64 texture) but you can try.

However this does not replace the green edges around the flats and I have no clue how to do that.

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