Realm667 repository download access denied

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Re: Realm667 repository download access denied

Post by dawnbreez »

Tormentor667 wrote:It obviously is a problem with accepting cookies or not. Can you retry if the propblem persists if you accept cookies with Firefox?
I've refreshed the page several times on FF, and the cookies message doesn't seem to be appearing. I've also tried clearing my cache. I opened up the developer tools, and it popped a warning saying the following:

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This site appears to use a scroll-linked positioning effect. This may not work well with asynchronous panning; see for further details and to join the discussion on related tools and features!
That having been said, I also couldn't find the cookies popup in the Inspector, so I'm not sure if it's not *loading* or merely positioned below the bottom of the window.
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Re: Realm667 repository download access denied

Post by Redneckerz »

Tormentor667 wrote:
Redneckerz wrote:Alright, but ignoring the negativity, the overarching point is that the Captcha system apparently is malfunctioning. Maybe that occurred because of when you re-opened R667, i can't say.
This is definitely strange, I tried it and the reCaptcha from Google works fine for me (tried it on Firefox). What browsers did you use and what exactly didnt work?
Firefox 71.0. But now logged both in and out and i can download from the repository just fine.
Tormentor667 wrote: (btw, gonna reply to your pms soon, just hadn't time yet, sorry for that man :( )
No sweat. Take your time.

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