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Post by TheWeaponCollector »

Hello this is my first map. If you think the maps level design is bad well of course it is I'm 12
This map is a large one and I'm trying to get the feel of COMATOSE which is a map I love but my PC keeps dying so I made this one.
The only that I finish Island is the woody area.

Download ... 1.wad/file
Update Desert is almost complete

Map is discontinued for I didn't back up the file when I reformat my laptop sorry to say
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Re: DOOM-IsLand W.I.P

Post by Cherno »

The sprites and textures look consistent so far, I like that. Now try to find another sky texture :)
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Re: DOOM-IsLand W.I.P

Post by glenzinho »

I don't mind the E1 sky myself and feels it fits really well with what's going on in the screens, what I'm mildly disappointed in is that there are no resources in the download so you can only run through the map in checkerboard style :( Would like to check it out again someday when the resources are there as well as some combat.

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