Strict Mission by Pixel Perfect

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Strict Mission by Pixel Perfect

Post by AmberOnline »

We are happy to bring you a remake of the original Strict Mission game, originally a mod of Doom 2: Hell on Earth. We are completely remaking the first 5 levels for use in GZDoom! We plan to release by the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022.
-Manager of the Strict Mission project

In all seriousness, we are recreating the original game from scratch in the chapter "The Classic Levels (2003)" and actually adding a passable story. Sadly, we had to go off screenshots since the floppy disk was lost and we only have screenshots of Level 1-4. Here is a beta build of the game without the major changes, MAP104 and MAP105 are not complete in this version so for V16 you will only have access to MAP01-MAP13, plus MAP30, MAP31, and MAP32. MAP32 and MAP30 are NOT accessible inside normal gameplay. You have to beat DOOM 2 levels MAP14-MAP29 before you get to MAP30 and MAP32 can only be accessed through a console command. Here is the page on MODDB;
Enjoy your time!
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Re: Strict Mission by Pixel Perfect

Post by Marisa the Magician »

Moved to Levels forum seeing as this is using Doom 2 assets.

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