Polygon Count for Static Objects?

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Polygon Count for Static Objects?

Post by TinfoilTyrant »

Howdy, I'm looking to implement a couple static meshes into the background of a map but unsure of how many polygons/triangles to limit. Looking to use a few Fu Lions to decorate but not sure if MD3 or MD2 would be more apt and what limitations are involved. Previous searches yielded a six year old dead topic that focused on animated meshes but nothing of use for me.
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Re: Polygon Count for Static Objects?

Post by Caligari87 »

Static objects would be better done as OBJ in my understanding (which GZDoom does support).

As far as polygon count, I don't think there's any hard limit for OBJ so it's just minimum(whatever_looks_good) and max(whatever_doesnt_lag).

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Re: Polygon Count for Static Objects?

Post by Cherno »

Doesn't really matter too much. Use either MD3 or OBJ. MD3's can't be too big (I think 256 units in each direction?), so they'd have to be exported as a smaller version and then upscaled in GZDoom. OBJ models have no real size restrictions and are what I prefer for large, static models.

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